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I hope you have a fucking awesome weekend. :P 

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist 



I’ll just leave the wonderful Joey Richter and Darren Criss on your dash as tonight will be A Very Potter Themed Night with my friends so I’m getting in the mood and watching these songs.

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist 


Happy Friday Tumblr Peoples. 

I hope you all had fantastic weeks, mine was interesting…. but its Friday so that’s why we’re happy.

This is honestly one of my favorite Jason Robert Brown songs and if you don’t like JRB then you can go crawl in a hole for all I care. He’s a beautiful writer and this song just has so many feels to it. 

Enjoy some JRB.

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist



This weekend is a fun themed Weekend!!!!!! 

I’m seeing a Fun. Concert at RIT on Sunday so I’ve just been BLASTING the FUN. music!!!! 

All the Pretty Girls - Fun.

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist



Happy Halloweekend!!!! 

Hope you have a great time!!! :D 

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist


Friday’s book of songs always needs a Rocky Song. My school is playing it tomorrow night in the Union Ballroom and I AM SO EXCITED!!! :D Its gonna be so much fun. But i’ll just leave this here on your dash! 

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist


The theme this Friday is Halloween since this weekend is Halloweekend at my school :D 

Here’s a Classic - The Monster Mash in honor of the Monster Mash Bash this weekend!

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist  


This week has been RIDICULOUS. A SUPER EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER if anything but this song has cheered me up to an obscene amount and I love dancing to this song. <3 so let yourself go this weekend - have a ball.

Starting off Friday’s book of Songs with Valerie - Glee Version

Happy Friday!!!!

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist


FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY has a new chapter in its book of songs - Last one for the night folks!!!

CUPS from Pitch Perfect - because Anna Kendrick wins ALL THE AWARDS!!! He voice is so pretty and i absolutely adore the song - i like to think that I can sing this to people and they’ll go - yeah I am gonna miss this girl when she leaves. Its a nice thought and I can think it all I want. :P 

ANYWAYS if you want to see her talk about how she learned the trick and her interview on David Letterman - its here

Don’t miss me too much cause this’ll be back next week - WHOOT! 

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

Can we just talk about the fact that when I first heard both of these songs I cried, and then hearing them together just made me bawl tremendously. I love Darren Criss for writing something so beautiful and for Dylan and Jamie for singing it so wonderfully - Sami/Harry. <3 <3 <3 

Friday’s Book of Songs Playlist